The prospective member agrees that the Member will follow all rules required of members by law enforcement or by the decree of the collective. Specifically each member promises to obey all provisions of the Medical and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation Safety Act - AKA: MAUCRSA. Members will not re-distribute medical cannabis obtained through this collective in any manner contrary to law, whether by sale or gift, to any person who is not themselves a member in good standing of this collective.

The purpose of the Collective is to grow, cultivate, harvest, and/or distribute medicinal cannabis to qualified California patients who have valid physician recommendation letters, as prescribed by law, recommending to them the medicinal use of cannabis, as provided by Health and Safety Code section 11362.5 and the provisions of the California Medical and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation Safety Act - AKA: MAUCRSA and that I understand I am not a member of Organic Greens Collective Inc., but I am a patient-member of Organic Greens Collective, the medical cannabis collective. I further acknowledge that I have no voting or other rights with respect to the corporation.


I understand that my membership is valid only during the time that I maintain an ACTIVE and CURRENT medical cannabis recommendation and I also agree to provide the most current recommendation to reflect the fact that I am a legal medical cannabis patient.