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Fully Licensed Medical Cannabis Dispensary
In The Goodland - Goleta, California
Open: Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm,
Sundays 10am-5pm

Schedule subject to change

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A Locally Owned Cannabis Dispensary

~ Established ~

We are a Brick & Mortar "Walk In" Dispensary

No waiting for a stranger to deliver your products!

Organic Greens Features Highly Trained, Friendly Staff Members

Our expert staff is fully trained and is ready to recommend products.
We're here to help - not sell!

No Rush Experience

We will take our time explaining all of our products so you leave fully informed.
Call us anytime if you have any questions whatsoever!

Currently Serving Medical Patients 18 Years or Older

Organic Greens is a medical only dispensary.
We do hope to serve adult/recreational customers in the very near future!

Discreet Location

Tucked away at the end of Daley Street (just off of Fairview Ave.) near the airport in Goleta,
Our members appreciate the low visibility of our secluded location!

(Turn at McCleans Auto Body by the blue car on the lift)

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About Us


Certified Clean, Lab Tested Cannabis Products

Organic Greens features many all natural Cannabis products from famous brands such as Kiva, Korova, Bloom Farms, Green Dragon, Heavy Hitters, and local producers like Autumn Brands. Our staff is among the most knowledgeable in the industry and is available to help you with your cannabis selection.

Cannabis Flowers:
Indica (Sedating/Pain Relief), Sativa (Uplifting/Energising) & Hybrid (A Combination of Indica/Sativa)
- With many choices of clean, high potency & lab tested cannabis on our shelf, our patrons have many options to meet their cannabis needs.

Concentrates & Oils:
Organic Greens concentrates are manufactured by industry leaders like Raw Gardens. The select products we carry are regularly tested to ensure our members medicate safely. In addition to our concentrates, we also offer CO2 extracted oils for patrons who need high doses of THC to treat a wide range of aliments - from sever depression to cancer & the negative side effects of chemotherapy or they need a higher potency to achieve their desired state of mind.

Edibles & Drinks:
Korova Edibles, Kiva Confections are just a few of the edible options at Organic Greens. A new adition to our menu are KIVA Petra Micro Dose Mints. Mircodosing is a new and popular class of low dose edibles that allow our patrons to consume at a more moderate level.

Tinctures & Topicals:
Our Tinctures & Topicals give our patrons alternate options for consuming cannabis. Tinctures are a concentrated liquid that can be consumed subligually for fast long lasting effects. Our sister company, Organic Greens Healing Botique (21 W. Mitcheltorena St, Santa Barbara CA) features many topical rubs, ointments, jellys and cremes that are applied directly to the skin to treat muscle, joint and nerve pain.

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Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm,
Sundays 10am-5pm

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Please do not email Drivers Licenses, Passports or Other Identification Documents!

5902 Daley Street, Goleta CA 93117
(Turn at McCleans Auto Body)